Project introduction


Stone is a Web3.0 + DAO value ecological application platform. Web3 applications can interact with stone across the chain to solve all-round needs for users.

WEB3. The applications are the most important element in the stone project. All applications are produced by many third-party developers, and then the Dao members complete the audit, voting, promotion, operation and so on. All these behaviors are completed with "ST" token and its excellent economic model, and the contributors of Dao are rewarded by the size of contribution.

In the field of DAO, we have made a very flexible framework and security controllability base on smart contract. It has excellent scalability to meet the unknown needs of the present and the future. we can not only create a steady stream of new roles, but also quantify the value of the work of DAO members and serve Web3. However, all this will be carried out in a transparent, secure and tnobody can amend in the contract

In our economic model, the most distinctive place is the "ST" token, which has strong consumer demand. Our users will purchase "ST" tokens, pay for Web3 applications, and make value investments. Our philosophy and model determine that we will always focus on solving the actual needs of users and eliminate any form of zero sum game (putting one person's money into another person's pocket).

In other chapters, we will demonstrate the rationality and realizability of the project in detail from each link. And turn it into reality.

Why we need STONE ?

Many blockchain projects are essentially a zero sum game, that is, putting money in one person's pocket into another person's pocket. This is a non benign, but also an industry phenomenon. It causes losses to the vast majority of investors. The root cause of this phenomenon is that many blockchain projects only tell customers about their money making effectiveness, do not solve the actual needs of users, and do not solve practical problems and create value for users. This leads to many projects can not have a relatively long period of operation.

Our Mission

We always believe that we should create rich Web3 applications to solve the most essential needs of users. It is our long-term mission to create rich income and happiness for Dao members.

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