WEB3.0 factory
Through the description here, you will have a basic understanding of our working principle and have strong confidence in our future
In the whole industry, there are more than 20,000 developers, most are self-employed. At present, they have excellent technology, but lack team operation, start-up funds and community publicity. Led to a lot of great ideas, very good projects are not explored.
Stone's launching team has been in the blockchain since 2013. We are well aware that the project that can travel through cattle and bears and bring help to the world is definitely not the current "money game", but a project that solves social problems, meets the needs of users with the nature of market "tools" or has ecological thinking.

Step 1: the first step of "stone plan" is to search developers globally through Dao (decentralized autonomous organization) and join our DAO And developers will generate a variety of Web3 DAPP products .

Step 2: the DAPP generated by developers around the world will be voted by stone DAO Here, professional security audit members, economists, marketing and other core DAO members will vote to determine whether the developer's DAPP is qualified.

Step 3: when DAPP is qualified, we will give great support to developers. For example, the airdrop of "ST" token, for example, we have thousands of "promoters" to spread, for example, we have operators to provide after-sales service to users, and so on.

Step 4: We reward the "ST" token paid by users for DAPP to Dao members who make contributions through the principle of market economics.

DAO contract execution process
For the above description, we will implement it safely and transparently step by step through the contract.
For STONE PLAN, we want to do much more than Dao in the future, so we spent a lot of time on contract development and design. This ensures that stone plan can continuously explore in various fields and directions. STONE DAO is just our first step.
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