Token distribution
The allocation of Dao will be described in detail here

DAO 50%

50% of "ST" token will be used to reward members of DAO (NFT holders). It is worth noting that the rewards here are not all holders. But the workers who are specifically involved in DAO. They need to identify with our ideas, contribute to the application and development of Web3, and grow together with us. The rewards of this part will be hosted by a separate wallet and the wallet address will be published. The distribution is jointly formulated by the genesis team and the core members of NFT and is elected by vote.

TEAM 20%

20% of the "ST" token will be allocated to the core team as the creation team that puts forward this concept and gradually realizes Dao from zero to one. For more benign development, 20% will be locked up for 4 years and release a proportion of 5% every year, which also shows our great confidence in the future.

Market 10%

10% of "ST" token will be used as the marketing of all markets, including "airdrop", to help developers promote Web3 applications, media advertising and a series of market behaviors.

IDO 20%

This includes multiple financing before "ST" enters the secondary market, including "angel wheel", "IFO" and "Ido". We investors have different degrees of lock up requirements. For details, please refer to the page of financing description
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