NFT Role

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    The organizational structure of Dao includes a variety of contractual roles. Each role has different scarcity and value. The manufacturing conditions and rewards are also different. For details, please visit our official website.
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    Please be sure to apply for NFT roles according to your strengths. If you are good at multiple fields, you can use multiple wallet addresses to apply for multiple roles.
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    One wallet address supports one NFT role. But it will not affect your sale or transfer

What is the value of NFT?

1. Promoter role (NFT), after promotion, the speaker will get the token share permanently.

2.The community operating role (NFT) will receive a dividend on workload performance.

3.Others will update the policy details continuously ...

What does the value of NFT depend on?

The only way to judge the value of NFT is the contribution value of NFT holders. We can check in and your contribution value will upgrade your NFT level. The higher the level, the greater the benefits in the future.
At present, many projects calling themselves "Dao" have many problems, such as the quantification of work indicators, assessment, voting mechanism and so on, which can not be designed in advance, let alone achieve the expected development of natural benign evolution. Therefore, we do not intend to make any development planning, but build our smart contract flexible enough. Respect Dao members and let the project develop in different directions. We think that only in this way can we use enough vitality.