The fairness of the promoter will be permanently stored in the NFT contract, and the promoter's revenue (FW token) commitment will be guaranteed. It will not be out of the game as the traditional world competes for the overall rights and interests. Dao is to solve the problem of fairness. The share of each project is different. This share is defined by the developer and can also be adjusted by the developer according to the market demand. Through the game of autonomy based on economic principles, we can achieve the balance between distribution proportions and achieve a win-win situation.

Value of promoters

Permanent commitment

After paying a certain amount of St token, you will get a permanent domain name The domain name prefix will be permanently recorded and protected in the blockchain. The advantage of this is to change the domain name link no matter what changes have taken place in the centralized world. Your benefits will not disappear.

Real time reward

When you are in the promotion process, users pay ST token for this. When users pay, you will receive a corresponding proportion of rewards in time.

Scope of application

After becoming a promoter, it will be valid forever, and no matter which Dapp users pay on. The efforts in the early stage will obtain unlimited passive income in the later stage.

Transfer of ownership

You can transfer your promoter status to anyone, whether free or paid. You can also let your children inherit it as part of your regret.

How to become a promoter ?

In the early stage, we will issue NFT identity of promoters to promoters with relevant experience from time to time. If you don't get the identity of promoter, you can pay a certain amount of ST for purchase. In order to control the number of promoters, the number of ST required to purchase the identity of promoters will increase for each additional promoter.

Blacklist description

In the process of promotion, those who have been complained for many times can publicize and cause losses to the interests of users. Users' complaints will be recorded in the blockchain, and Dao members will objectively evaluate their authenticity. If the situation is true, the identity will be permanently destroyed and all rewards will be frozen!