Smart Contract
The governance model of Dao is based on the transparent, fair and trusted mechanism created by EVM of binance smart chain. BSC chain has the characteristics of low gas fee, fast speed, expandable capacity, safety and strong ecology. This will bring great help to future world and reduce the user's use cost and user experience. At the same time, the powerful ecology of BSC will also enable more developers to participate and become members of Dao. Users and developers will also promote each other to form a more stable Dao ecosystem.

1. Important note

The BSC chain does not mean that the DAPP application of STONE PLAN can only be limited by the BSC chain. The developer's application is oriented to all chain technologies such as eth, sol, avax, FTM, TRX, etc. Our BSC based smart contract is to help developers achieve contract interaction in terms of user Member acquisition, payment and voting rules, which will not affect the actual functions of DAPP developers.

2. Contract structure and composition

The following is our contractual relationship structure diagram and relevant instructions. Our architecture is highly flexible and scalable. It is used to adapt to most possible situations in the future and make relevant autonomous bank adjustments and upgrades.

2.1 ERC20 Contract

2.2 Autonomous rule contract

2.3 NFT Contract

2.4 Developer Contract

2.5 Payment Contract

2.6 User storage contract

2.7 voting contract